WVL AD-2544

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WVL AD-2544Field Coil Compression Driver
Annular metal phase plug, bronze wave guide, 1“ exit, 45mm aluminum diaphragm, magnetization current ≈1.7 ADC

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WVL AD-2544 | Field Coil Compression Driver
Insertion of precision bronze jacket to avoid ringing, high efficient copper field coil, core with copper sleeve, metal cast phase plug

WVL AD-2544

- Unique aluminum diaphragm
- Optional beryllium diaphragm
- Piston of 25.4 mm diameter
- Bronze anti-resonant neck stake consisting primarily of copper, tin and metalloids
- Soft iron field coil magnet assembly
- Core copper sleeve for low distortion
- Extended bandwidth (800 - 22,000 Hz)
- Extremely low distortion
- Annular cast metal phase plug for excellent coherence
- High efficiency
- Nearly ripple free wide bandwidth response


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