WVL AX-2676Be

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WVL AX-2676Be | Field Coil Bass Midrange Transducer with Beryllium High Frequency Unit
Soft Iron magnetic circuit, coaxial and asymmetric located tweeter positions, magnetization current ≈2.1 ADC

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Wolf von Langa AX-2676Be | Field Coil Drive with optimal 3-point fastening
Precision 3-point aluminum fastening to avoid wobbling, perfect dampening of the mounting plate, core prepared for coaxial tweeter and waveguide

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WVL AX-2676Be | Field Coil Bass Midrange Transducer with Beryllium High Frequency Unit
Highest Grade Beryllium High Frequency Speaker, asymmetric position for perfect time alignment (a pair speakers consists of a L + R device)

WVL AX-2676Be

- Vented aerodynamic aluminium chassis for optimum strength and extreme low compression
- Three point fixing to avoid wobbling and reduce strain when coupled to the speaker cabinet
- Proprietary hydrophobic paper cone made of polysaccharide and silk fibres
- Very soft low damping textile surround for optimum transient response
- Advanced spider landing and spider for improved linearity
- Non-conducting multi layer paper voice coil former for minimum damping and desired coupling
- Optional silver shorting ring on pole piece for low inductance and reduced distortion
- CCAW voice coil for reduced moving mass
- Long life silver lead wires attached 180° apart for improved stability
- Vented cone and spider for almost none compression
- Large piston diameter of 523 cm²
- Effective cone mass including surround, spider, voice coil and lead wires of  only 28 g
- Pure beryllium diaphragm with large roll surround
- AirCirc motor system for excellent - unsurpassed - sound reproduction
- Flat frequency response to above 40 kHz
- Outstanding off-axis response
- Extreme low distortion and best dynamic precision


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