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Wolf von Langa = WVL


What is the difference between WVL Loudspeakers and all other loudspeakers?

It has become well known that electric cars accelerate much faster than their counterpart with combustion engines. This circumstance also applies to the topic of loudspeakers.  The most important part of a loudspeaker is the drive unit or accelerator, even if the industry wants to make people believe that the cone is of the highest importance. The difference of WVL Loudspeakers (transducers, chassis) to all existing loudspeakers on the world market is the drive itself. Yes, there are others who offer field coil drive units. However, WVL Drive Units (electromagnets) are different from these too – read on to understand why.

Of course we do also take considerable care of cones, diaphragms and frames. A well designed cone for example, is able to reproduce music naturally anyway – if it will be stimulated properly! The drive unit however, we claim, is of the highest importance, as this is the only place where a music signal is converted into power. Just like power is generated in the engine, not the wheels.

What makes a WVL Loudspeaker better or superior?

WVL Drive Units are made of unique electromagnets, which are superior to every permanent magnet. WVL electromagnets are among the strongest magnets available – and they are controlled dynamical and are not only static, like a permanent magnet that is charged only once. The control for the WVL Electromagnets is provided by an especially developed Power Management. This package  builds a unique drive unit with incomparably good magnetic control properties. Only these control properties are able to stimulate a voice coil even more precisely than all other magnets and let us experience the music even more comprehensively.

Every WVL Drive Unit Package (electric magnet and power management) is built for maximum acceleration control and sound pleasure. This makes the WVL Loudspeaker superior.

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WVL SON | Equipped with Wolf von Langa drive units. SON Limited in perfect sense grey matte.
State-of-the-art loudspeaker technology. Energized. 
Made for the ultimate musical enjoyment. 

Why else are the WVL Field Coil Loudspeakers superior?

Latest measuring devices are not nearly as good as our human ears. If you look at the specifications of precision industry loudspeakers, you’ll find out that even laser infometry supported measurements did not help to build the perfect loudspeaker. No R&D system, no simulation software nor any near field scanner system finally solved problems in the speaker production. For decades all kinds of different developers tried to find the ultimate cone or diaphragm material. If you would analyze the results it would turn out immediately that problems were only shifted toward others. There is nothing wrong in using many and dedicated measurement devices, but results not necessarily get better. We ourselves use several instruments, tooling and software, but the huge difference of our loudspeakers to others is the use of cost-no-object construction details, partly extreme costly materials, production routines like the annealing process or the chemical surface processing, piece by piece precision production and time consuming piece by piece assembling by hand. To make a superior loudspeaker there is need of preproduction models with all the mentioned processes before, and a lot of time to listen to those devices. Another device: costs must not be limited during development at the WVL Factory. Only after everything is exactly as desired we begin production. Piece by piece we manufacture the Superior WVL Loudspeakers. 

Why do so many believe in enclosures instead of good transducers?

Unless we're very much mistaken, we see nicely finished loudspeaker enclosures all over the world. Lacquer, glossy claddings and polished metal parts draw the greatest attention to themselves. Major efforts are made regarding the optical appearance, even if in contrast to physical laws – because the reproduction of low and medium tones requires size (width). More efforts are made for stabilization, bracing and dampening. Indeed it is extremely difficult to build a quiet cabinet or an enclosure not sounding at all.

The irony is that tests showed that even a 200 mm (8_inch) rigid wall of concrete is stimulated by a small basic speaker significantly. So most efforts to quieten an enclosure are like trying to get blood from a stone. In addition the surface of a speaker cabinet is huge. If we consider the ratio of the total enclosure surface to the speaker cone radiation area, we can imagine the influence of an even quiet built cabinet, because vibration must only be a small percentage of the cone to reach similar output values (or similar output levels).

It is therefore obvious that it would be smarter to abstain from an enclosure and all the dissonant and inharmonious vibration artifacts resulting independently of bracing, damping and costs to get an enclosure quiet. The only perceptive way to succeed is to construct the enclosure surface as small and the cone area as large as possible. Furthermore the surface direction should be averted from the listener. Or we would have to do without an enclosure, as we do in our exclusive AUDIO FRAME model series.

Does a well designed cabinet, or maybe even none at all, make a good loudspeaker transducer gratuitous?

Because so many efforts are put into an enclosure, it seems to us that, even for the most expensive loudspeakers in the market, there is nothing left for really good transducers. Neither ceramic cones nor diamond coated diaphragms do justify the estimated price.  If you take a peak at the used industry magnets, you’ll find they are produced by the thousands. But details like copper coated cores or double magnet constructions are cheap and did not change that much in the last 50 years.

The marketing divisions of the big manufacturers cause the music enthusiasts to believe that cone materials are extremely expensive (with advertising the low weight of these moving materials the manufacturers contradict themselves) and that 1000 watts loading capacity are better than 500 watts. Almost all speakers, and even those which are manufactured especially to the provider’s specifications, are relatively cheap mass products.

Unfortunately, the High End scene seems to be divided into two parts: into aficionados of low-cost transducers with the belief, that almost everything can be made better and into people who fall for temporary fashion. This circumstance keeps these music lovers from drawing the right and intelligent conclusions. There are so many sophisticated DIY guys out there who could gain so much from our technology and show the industry what’s really the limit. 

Sadly, and for whatever reason, most aficionados do not believe their ears. They prefer to ask their friends with a "certain knowledge" when it comes to a purchase decision or just grip for the well-known. Prejudice does not help either. We sometimes hear slogans like: „Magnetic force is the best way to prevent bass“. Unfortunately knowledge seems to be very limited in this case.

You are cordially invited to listen to our components and to look for reviews and quotes on the internet or on our websites. Those who dared and were helpful enough to spread the word report outright positive about WVL Loudspeakers. Of course nothing can replace a good loudspeaker transducer.

We urgently recommend you trust your own ears, eyes and head. In the end only you will have to make the right decision. WVL Loudspeakers aren’t only good, they are superior. You'll finally be able to enjoy your music even better with WVL Loudspeakers!

Who are we?

Enthusiasts.  Experienced perfectionists. Music lovers. Creatives. People who don’t give up looking for the better, but don't necessarily want to be in the spotlight.

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